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Inspiring Women – How Real Women Succeed in Business

Posted on: July 6, 2009

At Mum’s The Boss we are building up a library of business books to share with our members. We have been overwhelmed by the generosity of authors and publishers who have donated books to our collection and so, for those of you who aren’t able to join our meetings and borrow the books in person, we will be reviewing the books here on our blog too.

So to kick off, here is Helen’s review on the book Inspiring Women, featuring the women entrepreneurs behind Fat Face, The White Company and Specsavers, to name but a few….. 


Inspiring Women – 25 Top Female Entrepreneurs Reveal How Real Women Succeed in Business

by Michelle Rosenberg.

Inspiring Women coverI chose to review Inspiring Women first because it had the most attractive cover, was the thinnest (so seemed more achievable to read in the short time I had) and finally (and probably most importantly) I was burning to know what these icons of women in business had to say.

Each of the 25 chapters is only a few pages long, but they are very well chosen words!  These women have been brutally honest and candid in their accounts of how they have achieved so much. They all talk about how their journey started, how their business grew, about the pitfalls and mistakes they made along the way. In addition to this, each chapter has ‘Advice to other entrepreneurs’, and an opportunity for the women to describe their own role models. It is a truly fascinating insight into the people behind the brands.

Nearly every eventuality is covered within this book; those who had a skill and used it, those who took a new path, those who had a good financial start to their business and those who had nothing, women with families, those without and those who gained them along the way. However there are some unifying strands which bind these women, and probably all women in business; it is hard, it can be messy, you can’t have it all, there will always been some sort of sacrifice, but mostly it is worth it!

The most striking, and inspirational part for me was the realisation that before their business was so successful they were ordinary women, and many of them mothers. They were like me, but because of passion, belief and drive they have all achieved so much.

It gave me hope that if they could do it, so could I!


A massve thank you to the lovely people  at Crimson Publishing who sent us a package with 4 business books to add to our collection. And if you would like to buy a copy of this book you can buy Inspiring Women from Amazon here


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