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Dinky Duvets – every home with a toddler should have one!

Posted on: June 30, 2009

trafficEvery so often you come across a product that is just so fabulous you want to share it with the world. Well that’s how I felt, about 18 months ago, when I discovered Alison Webb selling her Dinky Duvets on ebay.

My eldest daughter had recently moved into a toddler bed and having just bought a duvet and 2 bedding sets I was horrified at how expensive these special sized sets cost. Fast forward a couple of months to our first bout of sickness in bed in the middle of the night and I soon realised I needed more bedding – and fast!

Dinky Duvets are hypo-allergenic 4.5 tog duvets with a bright and funky cover stitched onto the duvet – so the whole lots goes in the washing machine and tumble drier – genius! They fit a cotbed or toddler sized bed and are perfect everyday bedding for your little ones, great for holidays and ideal as spares in case of illness. 

Alison started up the ‘Dinky Duvet’ business soon after the birth of her first child 5 years ago.  He was seriously asthmatic and had terrible reflux which meant Alison was washing all his bedding at least once a day.  With the lack of availability and choice of duvets coupled with the prohibitive cost of buying a duvet (and possibly a spare) Alison decided to dust down her sewing machine and make her own. No sooner had she finished it, than her friends were asking her to make one for their children.  And so her business began! 

SSL22723“What started off as a sideline has now become a fully fledged business and keeps me busy every spare child free moment of the day and night!” says Alison.  “I feel lucky to be able to turn one of my hobbies into something that gives me great satisfaction and earns me some money at the same time. Plus it is a welcome break from hoovering, the school run and my old job of IT project manager.  Give me a sewing machine any day!”

We are now the proud owners of not one but two Dinky Duvets (including the pink spotty one on the right) and I have to say I far prefer them to the boring and expensive bedding I originally bought from Mothercare! In my humble opinion, every home with a toddler should have one!

For a full range of Alison’s homemade products including quilts, blankets, clothing and bags please visit


3 Responses to "Dinky Duvets – every home with a toddler should have one!"

Thank you so much for introducing me to these duvets, they’re fab!

What beautiful duvets – there’s an award for you over at mine x

What a great idea! They look great, thanks for this 🙂

BTW when Mum’s the Boss comes near Surrey you better let me know!! 🙂
Hope all is well

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