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The Sound of Silence

Posted on: June 22, 2009

CB050717When I became a mum I never realised how much I would miss silence. From the moment my eldest came kicking and screaming into this world my eardrums have never been the same.

As any parent knows, the sound of a baby crying is like a siren and it does something to you – it forces you to react, respond and rectify whatever is wrong, whatever the time of day or night. At first the list of possibilities is fairly limited – hungry, tired, poorly or a dirty nappy. But as your baby grows so the complexity of their demands increases, along with their volume button!

Don’t get me wrong – I love my kiddies to bits – but they are bloomin’ noisy – and they don’t have an OFF button!! Children’s TV has become like Chinese water torture to me, along with my other pet hate – Electronic Toys! The constant repetition of phrases and songs worms its way deep into my subconscious until I find myself humming along hours after the children are in bed.

Then, as they grow older the noise pollution takes other forms – the continual chatter of the ‘new talker’, that incessant “mummy, mummy, mummy…” when they actually have nothing to say to you, the constant whining as you get closer and closer to bedtime, the arguing with siblings and that most dreaded of all words (when uttered at any volume) – “No!”.

And finally there is that one sound that makes any parents blood run cold – the high pitched scream that accompanies a public tantrum. All that rage and defiance bundled up into one spectacular hissy fit, designed purely to make YOU look like the worst parent that ever lived! 

I used to love listening to music, either on the radio or one of my numerous CDs, but now, on the rare occasion I find myself alone in the house I don’t play music or watch the TV. After a day of having my senses assaulted I wallow in silence. I give myself over to the pure, unadulterated pleasure that is noiselessness, because for me now, as Christina Rossetti wrote in the 19th Century, “Silence is more musical than any song.”


8 Responses to "The Sound of Silence"

Brilliant post, just like my house!

Wow, that is spooky! But then I’m sure the lives of thousands of mums all over the country are terrifyingly similar – LOL!!!

I have a piece of golden paper stuck to my fridge. With the words Silence Is Golden in very large letters.

Keeps me sane when I feel like someone is banging a large bucket on my head with a stick.

At some point, the noise will end. Usually bedtime. 🙂

I laughed out loud at this – so very true!
I am quite possibly the most talkative, gregarious person you could meet, and yet my two girls (now 12 and 9) often leave me longing for silence.
My husband works away alot. He usually phones me around 10pm and asks if I’m watching this or that, listening to a particular radio programme or such like. My answer is always “No”.
Since having my two noisy little darlings, without whom I never want to be, I have revelled, nay rejoiced in the peace and quiet of a late evening without TV, CD, DVD, radio, singing/clarinet practices, yells of “Mum, tell her!” or anything else.
Does this mean I’m turning into my mother, I wonder?

Oh this is so, so true. Especially the part about singing of the children programmes long after they have gone to bed. I catch my OH quite often humming ‘The Wonderpets’ My most hated programme in the world !

Sorry to break this to you, but you just wait until the Teenage years. Because then it is the bulk of their bodies stomping up the stairs, slamming doors, putting on their stereos, and the chattering, the electronic toys, and incessant TV music will be a wonderful memory :):) Honestly !!

Aaah yes, but never forget the chill of that ‘ominous silence’ when you just KNOW they’re doing something they shouldn’t be! LOL

So funny and spot on, i like to sit in silence as much as possible to try to get rid of the constant buzzing noise in my head – although i don’t get many chances mind. Great post!

I completely agree that when the house is empty and you are alone (when is that though??!!), peace and quiet is all that is needed. It does feel weird though. And I know what Nikki means, if it’s quiet when the kids are home, something is going on! I checked up on my 8 year old when he was being too quiet the other day and he was taking the lids off my printer cartridges on the sofa – aagh!
Cheers, Chloe

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