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The Essential Business Guide

Posted on: June 4, 2009

Big Red Book

Big Red Book

Mum’s The Boss has been developing a new concept (within networking) of a business book library. Business books are helpful, but expensive. And as your business progresses through various stages, so you will want to look at a changing  aspects, such as marketing, employing other people, expanding the business etc. So to help our members we are building our own selection to loan out to members.

We have kindly been given some business books to start off our library, and one of the most impressive is The Essential Business Guide. I was like a child with a birthday present when the box arrived – so much so that my husband thought I must have been ordering handbags on line!

The shiny red cover, the practical ring binding, the coloured tabs – all ticked my boxes.  Where to start…..the beginning is usually a good place….but because of the layout of this book you can dive in where you please!

Unlike so many business books it is bright, it has pictures, diagrams, tables, colours, photos of people smiling, real life case studies – warts and all. But most of all it is so direct and genuine. Nothing is sugar coated, glossed over, or equally dry and full of warnings. It is inspirational and practical….which is what you want.  If gives you questions to answer, tasks to complete and places to go for further help, advice and information. It is very easy to see why it was winner of  the plain English Award in 2007.

If you are just starting out in business – this could be one of the best investments you make!

To find out more, order a copy, or download some free e-books please visit


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