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The Camera Never Lies – Does It?

Posted on: May 27, 2009

j0438755I am so excited about the photo shoot we are arranging for Mum’s The Boss members, to have professional portraits done for their websites and promotional material.  

Taking full advantage of our group status, we are booking a photographer for a 2 hour shoot and splitting the cost between us. By clubbing together we have created a fantastic opportunity for us all to get a professional portrait done at a fraction of the cost (approx £30 each).

But aside from the cost savings I am even more excited about having my own portrait done, purely for reasons of vanity! I am tired of using the same old mug shot (that was taken 3 years ago I’m embarassed to say) because it’s the only one I have where I look vaguely human. I rarely find myself in family shots these days. If I do I’m on the periphery of the shot looking distracted or dishevelled. We have thousands of digital photos of the girls on our computer. Children are so naturally photogenic that it has made me more self-conscious of my appearance and the effect the passing years are having on the young girl I used to be.

So to say I am expecting great things from my photo shoot is an understatement. I’m trusting that the lighting and soft focus will take about 10 years off my age. I’m expecting the tilt of my head to remove any trace of a second chin. And I’m hoping the angle of the shot (and some industrial-strength magic knickers) will take a couple of stone off my post-baby frame.

Then, when I’m having a trackie-bottom day and my hair needs a wash, I can look at my photograph safe in the knowledge that this is the REAL me!


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